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Computer Running slow or not running at all? Well look no further because we can take care of all your computer related issues. JD Computers Services Include:

Data Recovery & Backup

JD Computers is a well-known corporation in Sydney that offers data recovery services. We are data recovery experts, and our team consists of talented individuals that collaborate with our clients to recover their lost data.

We are all aware of the importance of data. Losing data, whether you're an individual or a business, is a huge calamity. If you've ever lost data by mistake, you understand how frustrating it can be. We employ specialist technology for reading platters on the drive to retrieve the data, which involves disassembling the disk.

Furthermore, we use our gadgets to provide data transfer solutions. Your data is migrated to our devices for secure keeping. After that, move the data to the physical drives of your choice.

Software Installation & Updates

JD Computers offers Sydney's best software installation services. We are a group of highly skilled individuals that try to improve your systems by installing software that meets your requirements.

In order to satisfy your needs, you must install or upgrade your program. However, you must avoid doing an inappropriate installation because it will almost certainly result in a big tragedy. Incorrect software installation can seriously harm your computer system and any devices attached to it.

As a result, you must contact us for the most reliable software installation services in order to avoid such harm and loss. We work with you to ensure a seamless installation and setup process.

Networking and Broadband Setup

JD Computers is a Sydney-based company that specializes in network and internet setup. We have a track record of supporting consumers in Sydney with dependable network setup services. We are usually in charge of network driver installation. We also allow you to customize your network settings.

We have managed and created networks with various topologies, needs, sizes, and technologies based on our extensive experience. Because networking is our core expertise, we not only build and operate advanced networks, but we also deploy topologies that contribute to corporate success. As a result, we not only help individuals, but also businesses. We collaborate with our clients on network maintenance and setup, ensuring that their needs are met. Our network setup services include a few crucial features.

We configure and set up a new network at JD Computers. We also make an effort to preserve and reengineer the current network. Network repair and troubleshooting is another of our primary services. We put in all of the necessary gear and run all of the appropriate wires.

We assure printer and file sharing settings as part of our network and broadband setup services. To ensure network security, we build a firewall. Another important aspect of our services is the configuration of web monitoring.

Hard Disk Drive Testing and Repair

Is your hard disk causing you problems? Is it not operating in the proper manner? As a result, your hard disk must be examined. JD Computers in Sydney provides hard drive testing services. We provide a comprehensive range of hard drive testing services, including hard disk health checks and repairs, at affordable prices. We do a comprehensive examination and testing to look for problems.

Testing, cleaning, wipe verification, hard drive health check, hard drive repair, and other visual examinations are among the services we provide. We evaluate the performance of your hard disk using software applications and look for methods to enhance it.

Through our hard drive testing kits, we focus on ensuring that your hard drive is functioning within the prescribed limit. Any actual hardware issues are usually repaired by us. We repair both physical and software faults to ensure that your hard disk meets your needs.

We recreate or relocate the corrupted defect listings to a manufacturer-reserved section of your hard disk. Physical damage to your hard disk is also recorded and captured during our visual exams.

PC Builds and Upgrade

JD Computers is a crew of knowledgeable individuals that specialize in computer upgrades. We operate as an online computer business, repairing and upgrading clients' computers. We have been delivering skilled computer upgrading services in Sydney for numerous years. We cater to both residential and commercial clients.

We make it so you don't have to bring your laptop or computer into a shop at JD Computers. Rather, we provide a higher level of service at your house while also ensuring the protection of your personal information. There are several reasons why you should use our services.

We guarantee that our computer upgrading services in Sydney are the most cost-effective and high-quality. We promise the lowest pricing for our services, and we let you compare our prices to others to see how much of a difference there is.

If your computer or laptop isn't performing as well as it should, it's time to upgrade it. We improve your computer and laptop's hardware and software to make them run the way you want them to.

Virus Removal & Malware Removal

Customers in Sydney may count on us to remove VIRUSES and MALWARE from their laptops quickly and effectively. We don't simply scan and go; we do numerous scans to remove any viruses, spyware, and adware from your laptop, as well as all threats. Whatever is hidden in your computer, a thorough cleaning from our skilled IT specialists will ensure that it runs much more smoothly.

If your laptop gets slow and takes a long time to start up, don't take chances with your privacy or leave it vulnerable; have it addressed as soon as possible.

We provide virus eradication services in the comfort of your own home or business. We will send a computer repair professional to your location the same or following day to remove viruses from your laptop. We update and install free anti-virus (for personal use) when the eradication procedure is complete to help prevent future virus infestations.

It is strongly advised that you conduct a comprehensive antivirus scan twice a month and ensure that your antivirus software is up to date. You can rest easy knowing that our free antivirus will take care of everything for you, allowing you to focus on your job rather than worrying about security.

Laptop/Computer Screen Repair

JD Computers' philosophy for PC and laptop repair is to keep our pricing affordable while maintaining excellent standards. Genuine components have been our key value when it comes to screen and LED repair services. We import all authentic components to ensure that repair services are available for a long time and that the quality of your replacement screen matches that of the original. Our specialists believe in efficiency in terms of both time and service quality.

After inspecting the degree of the damage to your screen, the experts at JD Computers will provide you with a price. In the event that the screen is broken, a complete replacement is the most recommended option. If there are any problems with the plugs, wiring, or system, maintenance and repair will be completed the same day. The time, cost, and services necessary for your PC and Laptop are determined by the amount of the screen damage.

What do we repair?

JD Computers strives to provide screen replacement and repair services for the following problems:

  • A fully darkened and broken laptop screen
  • A cracked or crushed screen due to a fall or any item striking it
  • A malfunctioning screen with lines or discoloration
  • No display or blackened screen
  • Flickering screen, with the right display flashing on and off while blacking out again and again

We make certain that we inform you of the problem with your screen and then provide you with choices for recovering it. Our goal is to gain the confidence of our customers in order to achieve customer compliance and satisfaction.

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Bobby Bui
Bobby Bui
January 17, 2023.
Definitely huge recommendation!!!! Good service, really give a lot of advice and friendly!
Mohit Chhabra
Mohit Chhabra
December 17, 2022.
Awesome service
poonam kaur
poonam kaur
December 12, 2022.
Very professional,punctual and reasonable charges.
navjot kaur
navjot kaur
November 30, 2022.

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